3 Best strategies for Link Building

In this chapter, we present to you the top three favorite link building strategies. These strategies will help you in building top-class links from all around the world. 

  •       Resource Page Link Building
  •       Broken Link Building
  •       The Skyscraper Technique

Building Resource Page Links:

Resource pages are those pages that show great content on a particular topic. It is a page on a website that lists useful links, and resources for a particular topic. The following steps should be followed to build resource page links.

1: Find the Resource Page:

The easiest and most used way to find resource pages is through Google search. Use the following combinations on Google search because they were created specifically to explore resource pages.

  •       “Keyword” + “Useful Links”
  •       “Keyword” + “Helpful Resources”
  •       “Keyword” + “Links”
  •       “Keyword” + “Useful Resources”
  •       “Keyword” + “Helpful Links”

2: Scale the Page:

Here you determine the importance and worth of a resource page. It is necessary to know the worth of the page before making an effort on it. Scale the rating of the resource page and try to select the winner resource page. 

3: Find the Best Content:

Create the best content for the resource page. It should be kept in mind that your content relates to the resource page. Because unrelated content will not help you in building links.

4: Reach Out:

Some resource pages encourage you to send them to email to contact them. These scripts should include relevant resources to be added. Some pages even include an input form to submit resources to that page.

Broken Link Building:

In broken link building you build broken links by adding value to the site of other people. Follow these steps to build beneficial broken links.

1: Install Check My Links Tool:

Check my links tools that will help you to find out the broken links associated with any page on Google. Just insert the page in the tool and it will display you with all the required information and links.

2: Find Pages Having a lot of Links:

Try to find the page with many outbound links because it will increase the chances of finding a broken link. Check for the outbound links using the above-mentioned tools.

3: Check for Broken Links:

Here you utilize the LinkMiner extension. Running this extension will indicate the broken links on the page. The link with an error or some problem will be your gate to build a broken link.

4: Reach the Owner:

Now it’s time to email the owner and inform him about the broken link on its website. Email the owner and ask him to pitch the content of your website as a replacement.

The Skyscraper technique:

It is a white hat linking strategy. This technique includes the process of converting content into high-quality backlinks.  To utilize this technique at first you do research about the popular trends, niches, etc. then find out the best existing content on the internet about your topic. Following these steps will rank your page in top searches:

  1. Find the best content that is already ranking on search results.
  2. Now try to create content that is even better than the top-ranked content.
  3. Now it’s time to promote your content.