Building Black Hat Links

No link building guide can be considered as complete without detail about building black hat links. Building black hat links is easy to point out. The links that are against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines are usually known as black hat links. But it doesn’t stop you from building black hat links thoroughly. This is the voice that only you can make. Personally I don’t suggest building black hat links if you want to build then here is the way to follow.

People say that you should be aware of Google’s penalties if you want to build a black hat or even white-hat links.

  •       Google Penguin
  •       Manual Penalty

Google Penguin:

Algorithmic penalties that specifically target sites that use spamming techniques such as anonymous guest posts and blog comment spamming. This update was first announced in 2012. It is added in the update to deal with the sites having bad linking and overstuffing of keywords.

How to Avoid these Penalties?

The best way is to make a link only with white hats. It is proved that you can avoid the algorithmic penalties of Google Penguin by minimizing or customizing the exact anchor text. Anchor text is considered just a part of it but with great confidence, there is more to it. At the same time, the easiest and effective way of avoiding Google Penguin regardless of anchor text is to avoid vague links.

To recover from this type of penalty you will need to analyze the layout of anchor text on your site. Create a free account on Ahrefs and check the backlinks report of your site’ domain to identify the Google Penalties.

Manual Penalty:

It has a negative impact on the site’s search rankings based on Google’s manual review updates. This can be a deliberate penalty for various black hat SEO techniques. In this type of penalty, google sends a message through the Google search console. Sometimes Google demotes or removes web pages or even whole sites and this is known as manual action. But this punishment is only for the site with spamming behavior.

How to Avoid Manual Penalty?

Only Google knows how websites are targeted for manual penalties. Most people think that Google’s algorithm finds a website that may be interfering with the system and they send this interfering page to someone for manual review but this is just an opinion. The best way to avoid manual penalties and unnatural links are to have a site consist of completely clean links.

But unlike Google Penguin penalties you can recover manual penalties by denying links and complying with reconsideration requests.