Building Links with Email Outreach

If you want to build white links these days then using an email is the best option. People wonder how they can contact bloggers and journalists without ending up in a spam folder or being reported. You just have to follow the path as it is discussed in this chapter. 

  •       Find Likely Linkers
  •       Find Linker’s Email Addresses
  •       A Personalized Script

1: Find Likely Linkers:

As the name suggests the likely linkers are those contacts who are likely to contact or link to you. In chapter 6 you will get to know about the techniques which are beneficial in finding the Likely linkers. A most simple strategy to find out likely linkers is Reverse Engineering.

First of all, you have to search for the target keyword on Google. Take the URL of top search results and put them in link analysis tools like Ahrefs one by one. You will find a backlink option in the left sidebar. By clicking on it, a list will be displayed containing all the likely linkers of that website.

2: Find Linker’s Email Addresses:

When you have found the likely linkers, it is time to find out the email addresses of these likely linkers. It is suggested to use the contact form on a site only as a last resort. is a great tool that will help you to reach small sites and that person’s blogs. You just have to enter the site address in the tool, and it will display you the list of all the email addresses associated with that domain.

But if you want to dig the associated email addresses of a large website then is not the best choice. VoilaNobert is the most recommended tool for large and massive sites.


In this tool, you don’t have to insert the site address or URL you are just required to enter the name of the person and the domain they are working at. By using this tool, you will reach the actual person who can add your link to their site. It will also show you the email address of that particular person.

3: Send a Personalized Script:

You will need to use scripts if you want to enhance your capabilities. The main technique is to develop a script that doesn’t look like a script. The pattern is discussed below. The script written in a given pattern will come out as the best performing email script.

Hi [Your Name],

I was looking for content today in the [mention your topic] and I found your article [mention the title of the article].

It was great, the thing that I liked about your article is [mention any specialty of his article].

I also published a new guide on [mention the title of your guide and provide its URL]. As someone who writes about [mention your main categories in which you write].

My guide can also be a great addition to your site. However, keep up the great work on your [mention his website].

Hope to talk to you soon,

[your full name]

Notice how a script allows you a lot of customization without much effort.