Finding High-Quality Links

Before intervening in the step by step link building strategies, it is important to know the facts that make a link good or bad. That way you can focus on creating links that really have the ability to improve your google rankings. In this chapter, you will find out how to identify links that are really worth building.

  •       Authority of Page
  •       Authority of Site
  •       Relevance of Site
  •       Link’s Position
  •       Editorial Placement of Link
  •       Anchor Text
  •       Link’s Co-occurrence
  •       Guest Posts
  •       Dofollow v Nofollow

Authority of Page:

If your page is linking with the PageRank power plant then this link will have a big impact on the ranking of your page. The linking of the authority of the page is the most important factor in page ranking. This is because government sites transfer more PageRank to your site. To check out the “URL Rating” just enter a URL in the Ahrefs.

Authority of the Site:

The authority of the domain’s website also determines the quality of the link. Try to find a worthy site because a well-known site will have more impact than a new or unknown website. Ranking can also be checked by inserting URL into Ahrefs.

Relevancy of the Site:

We all know that authority of a site matters but the relevance of the site is also an important factor. Getting a link from a high PageRank website is always beneficial. Nowadays relevance is known as PageRank because the relevance of the website’s theme has a great impact on page rankings.

Link’s Position on the Page:

The right position is important to rank the page. A link should be placed in the main body or in the middle of the content to rank your page and site higher. A link should not be at the bottom of the page. 

Editorially Placement of Link:

If a site links to you because of the thought that your website is awesome then this type of link will be known as an editorially placed link. Creating unnatural links is against the terms and conditions.

Anchor Text of Link:

Anchor text is the section of the link that can be clicked. Google uses anchor text as a ranking symbol. It is necessary to choose the best keywords to be added to the anchor text.

Co-occurrence of Link:

The words and text sentences that are around your anchor text are considered as baby anchor texts by Google. Google takes clues from these words to know what this page is actually about.

Is the Link From a Guest Post?

It is prohibited to post guest links. The links that are posted because of the following reasons will be considered spam.

  •       Paying someone to publish a post
  •       Post having the exact anchor words in it
  •       The site only works to publish guest posts
  •       A site that published post is not of your website’s category


Dofollow VS Nofollow:

Obviously, when it comes to SEO you usually want to get a Dofollow link whenever it is possible.

The tag rel=”nofollow” attached to the link will tell search engines that don’t count this link as an approval.