Fundamentals of Link Building

This chapter gives the introduction of link building, what link building is, and why it is important in the process of SEO in 2020.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the practice of creating hyperlinks on a web page to improve search engine visibility and SEO ranking. There are many different link building strategies, some popular strategies include email outreach, broken link building, and content marketing. Link building is a technique that helps you to build links on someone else website that points back to your site. They can be referred to as the votes of others for your websites. They are also known as external links or anchor links.

Why are Links so important for SEO?

To understand this, you have to register with Delores and go back to the days when there was an internet without ant Google. Some years back, search engines like Yahoo! and Alta Vista were the leading search engines in the world but now most of the people don’t even remember them. The search results of these search engines were totally based on the content on the website.

When Google entered this market, it completely changed the algorithm of PageRank. Instead of simply analyzing the content of the page, Google looks at how many people have linked to the page or how many backlinks a web page has.

It’s been almost 20 years but links are still the best way to analyze and determine the quality of a web page. That’s why backlinks are still an indicator of Google rankings.

Now in the new update of google which is recognized as Google Penguin, Google not only checks for link quantity but it also analyzes the quality of the links.

You may ask yourself this question:

What exactly a high-quality link is and how it can be built. This is the topic that will be discussed in this guide.

Building links help you to increase traffic as they will receive traffic from the other sites that are linked to you. They are considered beneficial and help your site to get indexed in the search results quickly.