Getting Links with Content Marketing

We all know that content is the key to unlock incredible backlinks. But publishing content simply will not bring you the links and this type of content will be of no benefit. There are certain types of content that help in building links. Four types of content that tend to generate more links are: 

  1. Visual Assets
  2. Lists Posts
  3. Original Research and Data
  4. Detailed Guide

1: Visual Assets:

Visual assets include the following:

  •       Diagrams
  •       Images
  •       Infographics
  •       Charts, Graphs, and other visual content materials

Why do Visual Assets Work?

It is too easy to link with visuals. You can know its value by the example that when you publish an image, chart, or table at your website, you get a link every time when someone shares that image, chart, or table. This benefit is almost impossible to gain by posting a simple piece of content. By building the backlinks visual assets will rank your site and will increase the traffic that will help you to grow your business. Infographics are one of the major assets that bring backlinks to your website. People claim that most of their links are created because of the sharing of their infographics. Visual assets build links even after many years of their content publication.

2: List Posts:

A list publication or a list post is an article that is in the list format. It includes various reasons like methods, tips, shortcuts, secrets, types, ways, trends, etc. Like the infographics, it is the most popular form of publication on the basis of the number of social shares.

 Why do List Posts Work?

The publication in this type of format represents the value of ton in small bits or chunks. According to the analytics presented by BizSomo, the posts that are published in the list format have generated more backlinks than any other content format. List posts help in building links even more than videos, quizzes.  Most of the time list posts even beat infographics in bringing and building links.

List posts build backlinks that tend to increase the traffic to your website. Some people also refer to list posts and link magnets. It will not only receive traffic from other websites but will also rank your website at the top first page which will also benefit you in many positive ways.

3: Original Research and Data:

Original research and data can be referred to as the proportion of the study written by the researchers who actually did it. It can be said that it is the new data that is drawn from studies, surveys, or original research. Researchers describe their hypothesis or research questions and the purpose of the study. After the detailed research, the results are reported.

Why do Original Research and Data Work?

Statistics and data are closely related. When someone quotes your data, they relate to you. These types of links are quickly added and are of much importance to rank your site and page. People say that the content which contains original research and data can build backlinks even more than 1 million.

4: Detailed Guide:

The content that is the form of a complete detailed guide about a topic or technique is beneficial in building backlinks. The guide should contain everything worth knowing.

Why do Detailed Guide Work?

Having a detailed guide provided with comprehensive information and other sites use your guide as “the go-to resource” for that topic.