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When determining search engine results, Google values inbound links from other websites highly since they are seen as endorsements of online authority.

What exactly is link building and how does it improve SEO?

Link building is focused on acquiring external links from authoritative websites that are pertinent to both Google and the user. The goal of a link-building strategy is to boost the authority of the target website, which favours certain places on search engine results pages. Since it needs prior study, in-depth analysis, and a commitment of time and resources to achieve this goal in a way that benefits our website or the target page, obtaining excellent connections entails a challenge that must be assessed within the plan.

When considering a comprehensive SEO plan for the argentinian market, launching a link-building campaign is unquestionably one of the most crucial and significant SEO tactics. For this reason, link building without research and a well-founded strategy frequently damages the website by obtaining links that are not analyzed, evaluated, and catalogued to determine whether they are advantageous for the site. This is because link building without research and a well-founded strategy lacks experience and knowledge in the construction of quality links.

Not all links are helpful for a website; before getting a backlink, specific patterns, semantic evaluations, and problems must be examined.

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What can we do with an effective link strategy?

Improve your Google rankings in Argentina
After doing a thorough investigation, we begin constructing connections in specialized authority media that add quality to your project. Depending on the required regionalization, selected websites may include local and national newspapers, specialist blogs, social networks, and press releases.

Increase brand awareness
Our Agency executes a link strategy that improves the positioning of your website by taking into account several crucial factors, such as the anchor text of the link, the external site’s development in terms of visitors (such as whether it has recently been punished), and more.

Have a positive impact on your profits
According to the most recent Google core upgrades, linking to your website will be done with pages that are on the same topic and have high authority as well as relevancy.